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the perfect form of healing and self-empowering guidance in today's busy world


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Distance Healing

Take positive action -

you deserve to move forward and release what is

holding you back from Happiness and inner peace.

Emotional Healing

Sometimes we can feel trapped by our emotions, making us feel stuck in patterns that we no longer want to repeat. Emotional energy healing, is a gentle tool to help you move forward. 

Belief Transformation

We all have different and unique sets of conditioning beliefs. Sometimes it is only a few core beliefs that hold us back from being the empowered person that we would like to become. This energy work will help you release old patterning and help you with the enjoyable process of reprogramming.

Guidance & Counselling

During your session, I will be connecting heart to heart and soul to soul with you. This is so that our ego selves will remain out of the picture and the wisdom and guidance will come from your true self.


Take positive action and empower yourself - give yourself permission to move forward and to let go of what is holding you back from happiness and inner peace. A unique session to you, tailor made to your specific requirements. After booking we'll set up a time for our Skype consultation. During the Skype session (about 20 minutes) we'll find out what you would like to achieve, issues that you are working on and your personal aims.

Normally (unless we are in very different time zones) I connect with you immediately after Skype. I’ll work with all your energies, from balancing and aligning energy centres and energy fields, from releasing blocks to intention setting. I make notes from the session and at the end of the session I write you a report on my findings, the work that we did, with supportive mantras to help you move forward.

On occasion we might decide that you need a belief transformation session where you are present and take active part during the energy work and that is easiest done over Skype or Messenger. Distance healing sessions take 2 1/2 hours in total and the cost is £70 when using direct bank payment (UK only), or £72.50 with PayPal. 

First of all contact me for availability.

Distance Healing Sessions

To pay via PayPal for a distance healing session, please click the 'Buy Now' button below.


Soon to come - Maud's journey meditations to help you relax and connect with your true essence.

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About me and my work

Hi, my name is Maud and I have been working as an energy healer for 20 years, initially all my sessions were one to one, in person. This changed when I moved across the UK, and was no longer accessible to my clients. What started as a trial turned into a triumph  and now nearly all my clients come from far and wide.

Distance energy healing sessions are a wonderful healing modality, because the actual distance between you and me is irrelevant as I connect heart to heart with you. After our consultation - usually by Skype, I'll be working with your energies to release any blocks that come up, bringing new energies in and channelling guidance and wisdom from your higher/true self. Afterwards you will receive written notes (via email), which is the blueprint of the healing session, with empowering mantras to assist you in implementing and anchoring the healing work. My emphasis is on empowering my clients, increasing their self confidence and belief, as well as sharing techniques and energy tools that really work. 

If you want to book a session or simply find out more please click here


— Caroline - UK

"I have known dear Maud for about 10 years now and have consulted with her monthly for the last two years. She is a wonderful person and expert practitioner of healing. I cannot praise or ever thank her enough for the valuable healing she gives me, it is truly life-changing and enhancing. Important and vital therapy for the mind, body and soul."


To book an appointment, please email me. Payment is bank transfer or PayPal.

Please include your email address for delivery of your healing notes.

For clients in different time zones, message me and we'll find the most convenient time to Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp or Zoom. 

Maud Field -

Thanks for submitting!

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